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UPDATED - Icons to add in top bar
ID: 71831Status: Default StatusVersion: N/AReport Date: December 28, 2023Product: Default Product

IMPORTANT These should all open in a NEW WINDOW please.  Are we able to edit them at all?

Please also add

  • youtube –
  • flickr –
  • google reviews – great if you can show this as 5 stars with a click through
  • tripadvisor – – great if you can show this as 5 stars with a click through
  • I think we can do without twitter and linkedin links as that is too many icons….

TC: Current template doesn’t allow us to do this, but possible with some coding. Please leave with me.

  • The home page red header is too big.  It should be the same look as the other pages please.  Headers should also be the same as on every page.  Can we edit this ourselves if so where from?
  • The red for the home page number is better in white as in the other pages.  Does this line really need to be centred??  Again it’s better on the other pages.
  • The flickr page needs to link to the correct link above please.
  • Please remove the Twitter link as we do not use it and the last post on that link was in 2019!

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