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Take To The Skies To Combat Winter Blues - Jan 2018

We all know that the period straight after Christmas and the new year - and in fact the whole of January and February - can be a difficult time of year. Having to cope with miserable weather and a lower bank balance can make many of us feel low.

According to founder and CEO of Push Doctor Eren Ozagir, there is a spike in the number of people seeking doctor’s appointments to discuss mental health issues in January. Writing for the Huffington Post, he offered some advice on how to beat the winter blues.

Getting outdoors is at the top of his list, because one of the causes of a low mood in January can be a lack of natural sunlight.

He also recommends booking something to look forward to - and this is where we think a flight experience can come into your plans.

Imagine soaring high above the British countryside in a fighter jet, and even having a chance to take control of the plane. You might have the opportunity to try some aerobatic maneuvers as well - something that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Mr Ozagir points out that just having something in your diary that you’re excited about can make a big difference to your mood at this point of the year.

"Just planning a day out a few weeks in advance will instantly put something positive in your life, giving you something to look forward to," he asserted.

He also recommends spending time with friends and family, and if they’re just as adventurous as you then you may want to look into group flight days where you can all take to the skies and even have a go at working together to execute a training mission.