Your group guests can be Aerobatic Pilots for the day!  They can fly aerobatic manoeuvres (themselves), such as loops and rolls, stall turns and barrel rolls, or maybe a slow roll and a derry turn….

Your ex-military flying instructor will be there with you every step of the way as you bask in the delights of three dimensional freedom. You choose how much you want to take the controls, or how much G-Force you want to pull… No two flights are ever the same, as you decide how wild (or mild) you want to get!  

Flights are available in the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft or Extra 300 stunt plane as flown in the Red Bull Air Races

The uniqueness of the event makes this very much a shared experience, with guests yet to fly eager to quiz those who have flown, to compare notes and swap stories.  Clients find the flying all-consuming as this is a totally new (and amazing!) experience. They can spend plenty of time with our friendly but professional pilots and ground staff learning more about flying.


Guests are kitted out into high quality flying suits and name badges.

Guests have welcome refreshments/breakfast and sit down for an informative and entertaining pre-flight and safety brief by one of our senior flying instructors, including how to fly aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls and stall turns.

Flying / Activities

Guests receive additional safety/parachute briefs in small groups.  The flying commences with 2 to 4 guests airborne at any one time, depending on the group size (maximum 30).

Flights include:

  • Take-off and ‘get to know’ the aeroplane – introduction to effects of controls – turning, climbing, descending
  • Aerobatics – beginner and intermediate manoeuvres – demo’d by instructor
  • Student flies aerobatic manoeuvres – loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, derry turn etc.
  • Instructor talks through Return to Base for “fighter pilot” landing.

Light (picnic) lunch.  Our Pilots join you and are very happy to share their flying knowledge and stories.

After lunch, the flying / activities continue.

Tea & Medals

Group debrief of the day. Guests are presented with their signed Flight Certificates, Flying Awards and Gifts, as required.

Additional Items

Videos of your flights (£59 each)

Aircraft Branding.  We can  brand our aircraft with your logos if you wish.  Prices depend on size and number of logos.  2 months’ notice require in order to organise artwork, printing etc.

Presentation/talk by Stunt Display Pilot, former City Risk Manager, Professional Commentator and Journalist Mark Greenfield (at guest hotel if required).  The presentation will be tailored to the client and incorporate any specific themes  – for example Building High Performance Teams, Decision Making under Pressure, Management through Influence – as well as including a review of the day’s flying activities and entertaining aviation  anecdotes.  Price from £500+ VAT.

Photographs of your day (price from £250+VAT).

Prizes (as required)

Breakfast rolls


Consult our dedicated FAQs section for answers to common queries, or contact us for further information.


Based on 175 reviews
Steve H
Steve H
apocalypse Arrived as usual with a relaxed and friendly reception. Thank you Jo and Thea. After the briefing we made our way to the Airfield with Thea and some bloke called Greeners.(only joking Mark).Took off for the warm up bearing in mind this was my forth real challenge. From the very start i new this was going to be the most extreme. I tried a roll(i have control)i think i stalled the engine. Then i was asked to try a left flick, which i did and thought it was ok.Then Greeners took control and said this is how you do a flick,Wow.Then after that an impressive but majestic barrel roll. Bearing in mind were still in the warm up. As things progressed in the challenge things really kicked off barrel rolls, the roulade, the cravat,the + Gs,the - Gs wow you could feel that. All the time Greeners is telling you what's going on and a bit of singing thrown in.(its not as bad as you think).Then the finale, the windmill followed by the inverted spin not necessary in that order. Utterly Utterly incredible. Thanks again to all the team hope to see you soon. All the best Steve Humphrey.
Peter B
Peter B
Awesome experience! Loved it so much the first time had to go and do it again! Fantastic day from start to finish, I flew with Steve 'Jos' Johnson who made sure I got the most out of my day... I flew some loops & barrel rolls and he then demonstrated some slightly more complicated manoeuvres! Absolutely amazing experience. Will be back, this time for the Extra 300 I think......
Andy P
Andy P
Ultimate High insanity flight Just flew insanity with the team at ultimate high. What a fantastic experience. All the staff are professional and friendly, make you feel at ease from start to finish. So this is an invitation flight for successfully completing utter nutter. Wow, insanity is the correct name. Greeners take you on a roller coaster ride of high g aerobatics,that honestly should not be possible. A full airshow routine, non stop adrenaline. Honestly, I can't recommend, as its not for everyone but if you want a next level buzz, you've got to try it. I managed to complete this and now look forward to my invitation the "the big one" the windmill manoeuvre was totally epic and not like anything I've ever done. Wow! Thanks greeners and thanks to the whole team for making my day an unforgettable experience. See you soon
kirk h
kirk h
Incredible experience Just to say had an incredible "Top Gun Experience" today, the Ultimate High team were fantastic and a big thanks to James the pilot who was very professional but also a great confidence builder also thanks to Phil my "adversary" on the day.
Nick B
Nick B
I flew a plane! Such an experience. I GOT TO FLY A PLANE! Don't get me wrong, I can still feel my breakfast coming up and it's 5pm, but well worth the "after effects". Getting to actually take the controls takes this kind of experience to a whole different level. The team were also great. Shout out to Jonesy our pilot.
Top Gun - Amazing! Wow… where do I start? Just about coming down from my Top Gun experience this morning. Andy my pilot was just superb, guiding us through each stage of flight, explaining what was going on. Between the close formation flying, simulated dog fight (even better than I imagined) and aerobatic maneuvers, it is hard to say what the highlight was. Ultimate High folks are so professional, well organized and most of all safety focused. Would not hesitate in flying with them again even with “someone” singing ???? Thanks guys!
(Ultimate) High Way to The Danger Zone ???? Wow, what an incredible experience! Mark "Greeners" Greenfield and the entire team at UH were so hospitable, friendly, and knowledgeable. They can make any beginner feel at ease about flying! Here is what happened on the day: 1. Fill out a quick health assessment 2. Select your flight suit and call sign 3. Sit through a basic safety briefing 4. Walk out to the plane and strap on your harness and parachute 5. Fly for roughly 25 minutes During the flight itself, your instructor will show you the basic moves, and you simply follow them when you're ready to do so. Your experience is completely dependent on how much of a thrill seeker you are. In my case, I went up to 5gs of force and still wanted more! In between moves, Mark and I were casually talking about the experience and having a great laugh along the way. A throughly enjoyable couple of hours, and a friend made in Mark. Highly recommended and would definitely do it again!
BEST "HIGH" NO DRUGS REQUIRED!! Utter Nutter - 60th birthday present to self.....boy, did it exceed expectations!! An experience that surpassed anything previously. If you desire a simultaneous rush of fear and terror coupled with an intoxication of awe and exhilaration, don your flight suit and parachute and jump into the cockpit!! Pilot, Mark G is aptly named as the G's are incredible. What a pilot and what a professional team at Ultimate High and the welcome and hospitability you receive is equal to the flying experience. If you have even an inkling, don't procrastinate, just do it.
Paul W
Paul W
WOW, WOW, WOW!! WOW, WOW, WOW!! The most incredible once in a lifetime experience with the most amazing, skilled pilots you could ever sit alongside of. It's not everyday you get the opportunity to fly a plane next to a Fighter Jet pilot, Red Arrows pilot & Virgin Atlantic pilot... We were in complete awe! Huge special thanks to 'JOS' & Rich for making our experience so memorable in every way. An experience we will remember for a lifetime and with our own video footage to keep forever! Thank you so much to the team!!. A 30th birthday we will definitely never forget!! #The Ultimate Top Gun Experience. Paul & Hayley (06/06/23).
Hayley L
Hayley L
Book it! Amazing experience! Me and my husband booked for his 30th birthday. I think everyone should do this once in their lifetime. Exhilarating and fun - the pilots are relaxed, knowledgeable and fun to be around and the manoeuvres experienced in the air are incredible. Highly recommend!!