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fly with a fighter pilot

FROM £395

Fly with a fighter pilot in an ex-military training aircraft and fly the aerobatic manoeuvres yourself!

top gun air combat

FROM £695

Fly Real Top Gun Aerobatics and Air Combat Manoeuvres. Do you feel the need - the need for speed?

Utter nutter flight

FROM £695


Ultimate Aerobatics

FROM £525

Fly with a top Aerobatic Pilot in the world's top two-seat stunt plane and then have a go yourself!

space flight experience

FROM £395

Feel what it's like to be weightless under Zero G.

Love is in the air


What better way for two people to enjoy a trip over the beautiful countryside - in 2 aircraft in formation?

Fly Wine Dine!


An exhilarating day for two that begins with a thrilling flight and finishes with fine wine!

Gift Vouchers


Give the gift of Ultimate High to a friend or relative and let them craft their own package.


Flying with your ex-military instructor you will learn how to fly like a fighter pilot in the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft.

You start by flying a variety of aerobatic figures (taking the controls yourself!), starting off with gentle loops and rolls.

Other manoeuvres can include a loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, vertical roll, Derry turn etc.

You choose how far to push the boundaries and the flight is tailored to you; the trip is as wild, or mild, as you choose!

From £395


Fly Air Combat and Aerobatics with your opponent aircraft – yourself!

Your ex-military flying instructor will demonstrate a formation take-off and close formation flying in the T67 Firefly aircraft.

Flying close to another aircraft, you fly some aerobatic manoeuvres to acclimatise you to the g-force, and then you will be introduced to tailchasing and air combat against your opponent.

Manoeuvre your aeroplane to get on the bad guy’s tail. Once you’re in a firing position, squeeze the trigger – “GUNS GUNS GUNS!!”

From £695

combat mission


This flight profile is only for the most extreme individuals on the planet!  Flown in the world’s top two-seat certified competition aerobatic aeroplane (the Extra300), with a top air display pilot, you will have the opportunity to experience the massive forces experienced at the very edge of the flight performance envelope!

After a detailed flight and safety briefing, you will be introduced to the effects of controls and aerobatics.

Then – can you handle – THE BIG FIVE EXTREME MANOEUVRES?

From £695


This experience is truly for adrenaline junkies…

Your ex-military instructor will teach you how to fly a variety of extreme aerobatic figures (yourself!).  Flying in the 2 seat version of the +10g/-10g Extra 300 aircraft, as flown in the Red Bull air races, you choose how far to push the boundaries and how much G-force to pull. You can even experience the advanced aerobatics that we demonstrate at airshows throughout Europe.

Flights are tailored to you; the trip is as wild, or mild, as you choose!

From £525


Space flight Experience


Ever wondered what it feels like to go into space? Your ex-military instructor will show you the G-forces experienced by astronauts without the vast expense of going to the USA to experience Zero G.

With our “Space Flight” experience you will feel the launch pad acceleration (3G) as well as the deceleration of Earth’s atmosphere on re-entry (4.5G).  You will also feel weightless as (securely strapped in) you will rise out of your seat slightly, effectively “floating”.  We also demonstrate Zero G with a toy astronaut or foam ball in the aircraft.

From £395


This is an amazing opportunity for a couple with no flying training to take to the skies in two aircraft, with an experienced ex-Red Arrow or military instructor each, and delight in seeing not just the glorious rolling countryside, stately homes and maybe even some celeb hangouts, but also your partner in an aeroplane just a few feet away!

You’ll be able to watch each other as you take your turn on the flying controls (at a very safe distance, of course!) and pilot the aeroplane around the sky.

You’ll even be able to speak to each other – and maybe there might be an important question that needs to be asked? This is a gentle and wonderfully romantic experience that you will remember forever.

From £1150 (for two)