Flying with your ex-military instructor you will learn how to fly with a fighter pilot in the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft.

You start by flying a variety of aerobatic figures (taking the controls yourself!), starting off with gentle loops and rolls.

Other manoeuvres can include a loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, vertical roll, Derry turn etc.

You choose how far to push the boundaries and the flight is tailored to you; the trip is as wild, or mild, as you choose!


£395 for a weekday (Monday-Friday)

£445 for a Saturday (we are closed on Sundays)


Flights take place Monday-Saturday inclusive (excluding  Bank Holiday weekends) from late March-October. 

Flights are subject to weather and airfield conditions.  

Guideline availability can be found in our calendar.


You should expect to be with us for between two and three hours.

You will be kitted out in a high quality military flying suit and choose your call sign.

You will be taught how to fly aerobatics (yourself!), and be given a detailed safety brief.

At the aircraft, you will be shown the cockpit controls and receive another safety brief.

The flight

You will sit side-by-side with your instructor.

After take-off you will soon be learning the effects of the controls of the aeroplane: turning, climbing, descending.

Aerobatics – beginner and intermediate manoeuvres – demonstrated by instructor, flown by you!

You fly aerobatic manoeuvres yourself: loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, and more!

Your instructor will talk you through the Return to Base.

Time in the aircraft is around 40 minutes (20 minutes in the air).

AFTER Landing

Debrief with your instructor, including amount of G-force pulled and flight certificate.

Opportunity to purchase a 360 degree video of your flight.


Weight limit for the T67 Firefly is 17 stone. Height limit is 6ft 5″.

Please refer to our FAQs for more information.


Consult our dedicated FAQs section for answers to common queries, or contact us for further information.

make your “fly with a fighter pilot” booking now

Our main flying season is late March to October inclusive.  Although we do some flying during the winter months, the chance of cancellation due to weather and airfield conditions is much higher at this time.

If you would like to choose a date at the time of booking, please contact us to arrange this.

Guideline availability can be found in our online calendar.

Based on 188 reviews
The most amazing experience The team at Ultimate High were amazing. The flight was exhilarating with acrobatic manoeuvres that were thrilling. I would highly recommend this and I will definitely be back. The pilot I had on the day was also a pleasure to spend time with.
Mind-blowing experience 10/10 UTTER NUTTER CHALLENGE for my 30th. This was my most insane experience I’ve ever completed, and it most certainly will be a hard one to top. I will never forget the day and I would certainly do it all over again! Big thanks to ‘Greeners’ and his team. You made me feel welcomed and reassured that I was in safe hands from start to finish. This experience topped my expectations and I think this has started to new high for me! Be sure to see me again soon Ultimate High team. Thanks again x
Samuel W
Samuel W
Thank you to everyone at Ultimate High for an incredible and unforgettable Top Gun Air Combat experience What a fantastic experience! Thank you so much to all the team at Ultimate High for such a memorable Top Gun Air Combat experience - I thoroughly recommend to anyone who, like me, dreamt of being a fast jet pilot as a child, or for any thrill seekers in general. Great team, great experience and great memories!
Paula C
Paula C
Amazing Space Flight Experience Had an amazing experience today at Ultimate High doing the Space Flight Experience. Our pilot Nick was amazing and made sure I was comfortable the whole time as I was apprehensive beforehand, can't recommend him and the rest of the staff highly enough. We haven't stopped smiling since and will definitely be booking to come back!
Steve H
Steve H
Armageddon plus-Apocalypse now. I should have written this review earlier I know but here it is. Got to Goodwood around 9am very quiet before a bank holiday weekend. Firstly thanks to Mark and Jo for making the extra effort as I know they would usually take the weekend off. Took a stroll over to Extra 300,where I was strapped in and then we headed up the airfield to get airborne.After gaining some altitude Greeners performed the most majestic barrel roll I have experienced.I think he might have been a balerina in his former life.With lots of warm up manoeuvre before the actual challenge,which gave you an idea what was coming.Then Mark said are you ready,I said I'm ready.Then things really kicked off,pulling,pushing,tumbling,falling,upside down,negative Gs plus Gs, not forgetting knife edging.This description does not give greeners skills justice. What a fantastic and fun experience this was,by far the best. Keep up the fantastic work at Ultimate High. If you want the experience of a lifetime and therapy thrown in for free,then I cannot rate this highly enough. Thanks again to all the team at the Ultimate High academy,can't wait to fly with you again soon. Kind regards Steve Humphrey.
Minesh P
Minesh P
Ultimate High acrobatic flying experience Really friendly and helpful team (Paul and Jos) at Ultimate High. My pilot, Jos, wss brilliant as was the whole experience.
Corrine M
Corrine M
Wonderful amazing experience Many thanks to all of the Ultimate High team. An amazing unforgettable experience to fly a T67 “Top Gun” aerobatics and formation. My pilot Mags was calm, cool and professional. I felt such an awesome thrill of adrenaline rush that carried me on a high throughout the day. I recommend this experience to everyone who loves planes, or looking to do something special for their birthday. It really is a unforgettable once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus you get a video of the day to brag to your friends and family:)
BEST DAY EVER !!!! Where do I start Thea and the team are the lovliest people I have ever met. I booked this experience for Stephens 60th birthday a year ago with Thea . Thea was polite and curtious on and off the phone. When we arrived May 3rd 2024 we were made to feel so welcome and so was our little jackapoo Teddie. We were looked after and were give lots of information ,in fact they do go the extra time to make your experience special.Stephen flew with James and he loved it and is still talking about it now.It was amazing to see his happy face as his dream was always to do earobatics and fly at Goodwood.We will be coming back as I now want to fly with James and James thankyou for signing my ultimate high cap. Cant wait to see the lovely ladies again its like we had known them for years as they make you feel so special. Thankyou so much all the Ultimate High Team Lots of Love Stephen Debra and Teddie xx see you very soon
Stephen S
Stephen S
Top Gun here we come !!! My partner Debra had planned this experience a year previously as a 60th birthday supprise for me, knowing that I had a desire to fly in an aerobatic aircraft again after many years. I also wanted to fly from a historic airfield/aerodrome so Ultimate High's Slingsby Firefly and Goodwood certainly ticked both of those boxes. I was really very excited when we arrived and were greeted by Thea and the team. They really went over and above to make Myself, Debra, our little Jackapoo and a friend of mine welcome with full explanation of what to expect and flight briefings. Very soon I was kitted out in my flying suit and introduced to my Instructor James. With photographs taken we walked out to the aircraft, more photographs and it was time to get strapped in with further instruction on emergency procedures. Then it was time to fly and James talked his way through preflight checks and starting the engine. Take off was very quick and once clear of the aerodrome airspace I was given control as we climbed to altitude heading for Bognor. Once over the sea at Bognor and at safe altitude, James explained that he would demonstrate a manoever and then I would take control and do it again. We completed Wingovers, Loops, Barrell Rolls, Aileron Rolls and Stall Turns. But then it was time to return and I flew the aircraft back towards Goodwood with James pointing out local landmarks. I then handed control back to James who carried out the return to aerodrome controlled airspace and then carried out a very smooth landing. After debriefing and collection of personalised certificate, video and souveniers it was time to say goodbyes, after which my party retired to the adjacent Goodwood cafe for lunch and to watch various aircraft including Spitfires which were also flying on the day. It only remains to say that it really was a great experience and huge thank you to Debra for organising and keeping it all secret for over a year!!, to Thea for making it happen when the weather had been very unhelpful and of course James my instructor, who really was a pleasure to fly with. I think we will be back soon as Debra wants to fly with James now !!! Very best wishes and many thanks to ALL at Ultimate High, From Stephen Debra and Teddie.
Amy and Matt
Amy and Matt
Flying Aerobatics with a Red Arrows Pilot Awesome experience. To fly aerobatics and formation with a red arrows pilot is an incredible and unbelievable opportunity, then flying the manoeuvres myself under his calm instruction. Unforgettable, I can't stop grinning! Thanks to all the team at Ultimate High for the most amazing flight.

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