Space flight Experience


Ever wondered what it feels like to go into space? With our Space Flight experience you will feel the launch pad acceleration (3G), marvel at being weightless with zero gravity (Zero G) and experience the deceleration of Earth’s atmosphere on re-entry (4.5G).

Your ex-military instructor will show you the G-forces experienced by astronauts, including weightlessness, without the vast expense of travelling to the USA to experience it!

Strapped in securely, under Zero G you will feel weightless as you rise out of your seat slightly, effectively “floating”.  We also demonstrate Zero G with a toy astronaut or foam ball in the aircraft.  You can try zero G as much as you like during your flight, for periods of up to around 5 seconds at a time.

Flown in the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft and sitting side-by-side with your instructor, you will also fly these forces yourself! It’s all part of the Ultimate High space flight experience.


£395 for a weekday (Monday-Friday)

£445 for a Saturday (we are closed on Sundays)


Flights take place Monday-Saturday inclusive (excluding Bank Holiday weekends).

Flights are subject to weather and airfield conditions.

Guideline availability can be found in our calendar.


You should expect to be with us for between two and three hours.

You will be kitted out in a high quality flying suit and choose your call sign.

You will be taught some of the background to space flight, and taught how to fly aerobatics (yourself!), and be given a detailed safety brief.

At the aircraft, you will be shown the cockpit controls and receive another safety brief.

The flight

You will sit side-by-side with your instructor.

Take-off and get to know the aeroplane: introduction to effects of controls – turning, climbing, descending.

Feel the same G-force acceleration that astronauts experience on lift-off from the launch pad (3G).

Replicate the sensation of being weightless (Zero G), exactly as astronauts would feel in orbit.

Gasp as your body weighs 4.5 times its normal weight as you simulate the forces on re-entry.

Enjoy the opportunity to replicate some or all of these forces yourself as you fly the aeroplane.

Time in the aircraft is around 40 minutes (20 minutes in the air)

AFTER Landing

Debrief with your instructor, including amount of G-force pulled and flight certificate.

Opportunity to purchase a 360 degree video of your flight.


Weight limit for the T67 Firefly is 17 stone.  Height limit is 6ft 5″.

Minimum age is 12.

Please refer to our FAQs for more information.


Consult our dedicated FAQs section for answers to common queries, or contact us for further information.

make your SPACE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE booking now

Our main flying season is late March to October inclusive.  Although we do some flying during the winter months, the chance of cancellation due to weather and airfield conditions is much higher at this time.

If you would like to choose a date at the time of booking, please look at our online calendar first and then contact us to arrange a date.


Based on 197 reviews
Naomi C
Naomi C
Utterly brilliant Utter Nutter experience! I can't recommend the Utter Nutter experience highly enough! I had a stupendous flight with Mark "Greeners", who was brillint and great fun, and had a lovely laugh with Corinne, Thea was so lovely, and great to finally meet Jo, who'd been so patient with all my availability changes! Everyone I met was as nice as could be though, and I couldn't have enjoyed the experience more! I was exceptionally lucky because we still had to burn off some fuel before starting the main aerobatics, so I got to do some flying and then an aileron roll myself as well :D I can't wait to come back for Insanity! Thank you to everyone for an absolutely marvellous morning! Btw everything was indeed explained carefully beforehand, as other reviewers have mentioned, which is great, but I'd be lying if I pretended I was following everything during the flight, being somewhat occupied with trying to stop my knees passing my ears at many points (only a small exaggeration; the forces really are amazing) ;D I was absolutely thrilled from start to finish! Even better than I'd hoped for! If you are worried about feeling queasy, don't be- you have to enthusiastically confirm you're ready for the next figure before flying it, so you could always stop and do something calmer if you needed to :)
Top Gun Flight Experience What a fabulous and exhilarating experience on the Top Gun package for myself and 20 year old son last week. First time ever for us and truly enjoyed our time with Mags and Paddy. Top experience and highly recommended!
Aerobatic flying - fully recommended! Went back to Goodwood to do Ultimate Highs Insanity challenge and it definitely lived up to the name! Professional pilots and staff who always explain what the flight will involve. Hoping to go back for their Armageddon challenge. Highly recommend Ultimate High for the best flying experiences you can have!
Adrian S
Adrian S
The Tops I bought the Top Gun experience for my wife I have to say the team were warm and welcoming when we arrived at Goodwood The briefing was carried out in a very professional way with highlighting safety first which is very assuring when doing this type of activity Mags my wife’s pilot was very lovely Gills tummy wasn’t quite up to the full experience but she still had a great time so thanks to the team at ultimate high and a special thanks to Mags for your caring nature We would not hesitate to recommend ultimate high Many thanks again Adrian
Magick M
Magick M
experience of a lifetime!! what a wicked day!!! i laughed so much, the team were incredibly supportive, my partner and i had an amazing time - we will be back!
Simon G
Simon G
10 out of 10! Had an amazing time with the Ultimate High team, it was one hell of an experience flying loops over the south coast on the Top Gun experience! Certainly a day out I'll not forget in a hurry!
The most amazing experience The team at Ultimate High were amazing. The flight was exhilarating with acrobatic manoeuvres that were thrilling. I would highly recommend this and I will definitely be back. The pilot I had on the day was also a pleasure to spend time with.
Mind-blowing experience 10/10 UTTER NUTTER CHALLENGE for my 30th. This was my most insane experience I’ve ever completed, and it most certainly will be a hard one to top. I will never forget the day and I would certainly do it all over again! Big thanks to ‘Greeners’ and his team. You made me feel welcomed and reassured that I was in safe hands from start to finish. This experience topped my expectations and I think this has started to new high for me! Be sure to see me again soon Ultimate High team. Thanks again x
Samuel W
Samuel W
Thank you to everyone at Ultimate High for an incredible and unforgettable Top Gun Air Combat experience What a fantastic experience! Thank you so much to all the team at Ultimate High for such a memorable Top Gun Air Combat experience - I thoroughly recommend to anyone who, like me, dreamt of being a fast jet pilot as a child, or for any thrill seekers in general. Great team, great experience and great memories!
Paula C
Paula C
Amazing Space Flight Experience Had an amazing experience today at Ultimate High doing the Space Flight Experience. Our pilot Nick was amazing and made sure I was comfortable the whole time as I was apprehensive beforehand, can't recommend him and the rest of the staff highly enough. We haven't stopped smiling since and will definitely be booking to come back!

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