Air Combat Flying Top Gun Experience

Air Combat Programme

A half day experience for 4 or 6 guests with the chance to try "full on" Air Combat.

This is a half day event giving a detailed introduction to all aspects of air combat manoeuvring.  The programme is suitable for pilots and non-pilots alike, and shows how fighter pilots carry out their air superiority missions. Delivered by experienced military fighter pilots, you will learn basic and advanced combat moves, understand about energy management, learn how to use lead and lag pursuit to get on your opponent’s tail, and even get access to some ‘dirty tricks’ that will enhance your chances of victory!

Delegates receive dedicated attention from our enthusiastic instructors who are delighted to share their hard-won air combat experience. Multi-media presentations include video clips of actual combat as well as a variety of guides to help delegates understand how to fight in the sky.

You will put all of this knowledge into practical action and brief for an air combat sortie where YOU will fly the former military aircraft against your opponent and fly six combat profiles with your personal instructor beside you. This is the best and most realistic way to experience first-hand the challenges of using your aircraft to shoot down an opponent – and unique in Europe!

Welcome Welcome drinks, meet instructors, get kitted out in military flying suits. You then choose your call-sign name badge ("Maverick", "Iceman" etc) for the day.
Basics of Air Combat,
Managing aircraft separation - pure, lead and lag pursuit and use of geometry
Gaining every advantage possible - tips on how to win
Flying Brief How to fly (for non-pilots), differences between former military aircraft and civilian machines (for pilots)
Safety Brief
Air Combat Mission Brief

Delegates fly 6 combat profiles against each other


Debrief Debrief with your instructor, including amount of g-force pulled, review of air combat results and presentation of your flight certificates.


Prices (incl VAT) & Availability:

  • 4 delegates - £1995 or 6 delegates - £2990. 
  • Available Monday through Thursday only.  Start time 9.00am.
  • To book your place, please email us or call 01243 913 916.