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Our Air Displays will give your Audience an Unforgettable Jaw Dropping Experience

We offer stunning air displays at Goodwood to enhance your event.

These 7-9 minute displays in our Extra 300 include extreme gyroscopic "tumbling" manoeuvres with plumes of dramatic smoke.  Your guests will be wowed with a series of spectacular death-defying stunts.

Our displays can be tailored to the needs of your event such as numbers in the sky for birthdays or anniversaries, a smoke heart and/or kisses for a wedding.  

We can also brand our aircraft with your logos!

Displays can take place at the Aerodrome, Goodwood House or Goodwood Race Course.

We've put a memorable spin on product launches, car races, weddings, parties, sporting events, boat shows, anniversaries, birthdays and other private functions.

Experienced pilots, amazing aircraft, mind boggling displays.

The Team's pilots are CAA approved and authorised display pilots, holding "Unlimited" ratings, the highest approved category of Display Flying. 

You'll be amazed by the dazzling Extra300 aircraft, formerly used in Red Bull Air Races and capable of the most extreme and mind-boggling manoeuvres.

Prices for an air display at Goodwood start from £1,500+VAT (which includes non-refundable CAA Fees of around £400). Unfortunately, as a result of new CAA air display rules, it has become impractical for us to offer displays away from the Goodwood local area.

Aircraft Branding

Make your aircraft stand out, with creative, effective branding ranging from simple logos to covering the entire aircraft.  This can be used to reinforce your marketing and leverage advertising.  And all at surprisingly affordable rates.


Looking to generate buzz for your air display or event?  We do that too, with exclusive advance photo-news stories distributed to all your local media.  We can even arrange press flying, including broadcast quality video that can be used directly by TV. See our TV & Video section for some examples.

Prize Flights

There's nothing like winning a flight!  We can offer flights as prizes to stimulate interest in your event or as rewards for your guests.

Charity Auctions

This is one of the best fundraising strategies around!  At auction our flight profiles usually raise many multiples of the cost of the flights.  It is no wonder these are so popular for charitable fundraising. 

We are able to offer a discount to charities purchasing flight vouchers for such events, which will be refunded if the flight doesn't reach its reserve price.

If you're looking to raise record amounts of money for your charity, click here.

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