Corporate Events Customer Reviews

Corporate Event Reviews

Our Flying Experience Days are Amazing. Don't take our word for it, here is just some of what others have to say...

Testimonials - Corporate Days

"It exceeded all my expectations.... It is hard to describe it to someone who hasn't experienced it .......Thank you so much for the experience and the day. It is one that I will not forget and also one which will be hard to match."

"Aerobatics could very easily become an addiction for me and I am already trying to organise an event for next year. I have every intention of flying with you again either with, or without, clients."

"I have been greatly impressed by the professionalism that you gave to the whole event."
"It was a real blast and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it."

"From the excellent pre-event organisation right through to the flying itself, the whole experience was first class."

"Your organisation and operations are well implemented with a wonderfully customer focused and professional capability."

".....a most memorable day. It is so refreshing to meet individuals within an organisation that really have a passion in its product."

"The quality of the service I received certainly matched the experience."

"The way in which you did your business was superb."

"Thanks to all your team for such good organisation we really had a super day. You have the most amazing collection of pilots who are a joy to fly with. Let's hope we can do it again next year."

"No corporate day ever came close to what we did and that includes the Super Yacht trips to the Monaco GP, so I think that's saying something."

"Please thank everyone for a great day out....It's been all around the company, a lot of people green with envy at the lads' day out."

"Thank you for the excellent advanced flying tuition and also for the slick presentation of the Ultimate High experience day which ran so smoothly for all of us.  Right from the start the experience was comprehensive, smooth and well-delivered."

"All the people involved were a real pleasure to meet and get to know, and obviously consummate professionals."

"A very memorable day and one of the few that lives up to the billing on the website."

"The whole set up is extremely professional and lived up to / went beyond our expectations.  It truly was a once in a lifetime experience that will be treasured for a long time."

"Thanks for all the effort you put in to give us a fantastic day. A perfect blend of professionalism, efficiency, friendliness and helpfulness."

"What a superb day - that Extra is Awesome (and then some).   The organisation was so apparently relaxed and unruffled there must have been some serious paddling going on beneath the surface."

"Flying must rank as one of the most exhilarating experiences ever and you and the air field team made it one of the most enjoyable entertainment corporate days I have had."

"Many thanks for a superbly organised event yesterday.  Amazing aircraft and great pilot instructors - a very professional but fun day - Well done!"

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