Corporate Event VIP Flying Day

"Money Can't Buy" Group VIP Day

This is your opportunity to amaze your guests and have an unforgettable day. We'll take complete beginners and teach them how to fly aerobatics, tailchase at high speed and learn what it's like to be a stunt pilot.

Fly a "Top Gun" air combat sortie against your fellow guests, experience first hand what it’s like to fly a Red Bull style raceplane...!

A Full Day Experience For 2-4 guests at Goodwood, available Monday to Thursday.

The day starts at 0930 and will normally finish around 1600 and includes:

  • 2 "hand-on" flights per guest - an air combat flight in a former military aircraft and an aerobatic flight in a cutting edge stuntplane
  • Videos of the flights
  • All day refreshments, light lunch, "Tea & Medals"
  • Flight Certificates and Souvenirs 

Price £895+VAT per head (minimum 2 guests).

9.30am Welcome Refreshments & Safety/Flying Briefing
Guests are kitted out into high quality military spec flying suits and name badges.  
Welcome drinks with display pilot and TV presenter Mark Greenfield, who will give an informative and entertaining presentation on the day ahead, explain how to fly the different aeroplanes, and will cover all operational and safety aspects.
10.30am Hands on "Top Gun" Formation Flights (approx 30 minutes each)
Guests fly in Close Formation (2 aircraft together) and get to chase their "opponent" themselves over the beautiful Sussex countryside or the Isle of Wight.  Guests will be shown how to fly the aeroplane, learn how to fly some aerobatics, be introduced to the basics of air combat, then be pitted against each other whilst they try to get on each other's tail to shoot them down!
12.30pm Lunch
Light lunch with your pilots served from the cafe at the Aerodrome.
Talk the morning's tactics, aeroplanes, learn what it's like to fly in the military, be a stunt pilot or fly with the Red Arrows, and prepare for the afternoon's flying thrills.
1.30pm Extra300 Red Bull Aircraft Flights (approx 15 minutes each)
A flight in the world's top performing two-seat aerobatic aeroplane.  The flight will be tailored to the guests, and can be as wild (or mild) as they wish!
3.30pm Tea & Medals
Guests receive their signed Flight Certificates, Videos, Souvenirs and full debrief of their flights/ the day.


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