Enhance your Flying Skills

Learn to Fly Advanced Flying Techniques with one of Europe’s foremost Flight Safety Training Academies

Whether you are:

...then we have a range of training to suit you, either as a "one off" tailored flight, a full day or couple of days (2 flights a day) or a week long course. 

All of our instructors have thousands of hours of experience in the General Aviation, Commercial and Military.  They have been carefully selected to ensure they can successfully transfer their skills to you.

Learn to fly Aerobatics and improve your flying skills at the same time

When you have a solid competence level in aerobatics it makes you an all-round better pilot.  

If you're not sure if aerobatics is for you, fly a trial lesson with one of our experienced instructors who will tailor the flight to you - fly the aircraft to its limits if you wish!

Our Aerobatic Rating FCL.800 course is available through ELCAS - the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC).  Go to their website and search for provider 10824 Power Aerobatics Ltd (our registered company name).

Learn more about our Aerobatics training.

Learn how to avoid, recognise and recover from flight upsets (UPRT).  Increase your confidence and possibly save your own life or the lives of others.

We specialise in exploring the whole of the flight envelope using scenario based training to help you better understand where you may get into trouble in the real world; it may just save your life.

Learn more about our Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Emergencies: Decision Making under Pressure - TEM and the "Capacity Bucket"

Learn "coping" strategies so you maintain situational awareness ("SA") and capacity.  Understand the "Capacity Bucket" and utilise "TEM" (Threat & Error Management) to good effect.  Our experienced instructors will tailor the training to help you to develop your captaincy, airmanship, decision making under pressure and ability to deal with emergencies. 

Learn more about our Emergencies Training.

Better Landings - Stabilised Approaches & Circuit Discipline, including RT

"Good Approach, Good Landing" - old, but true.  Learn how to fly a stabilised approach, refresh circuit pattern flying and joining procedures, improve your RT (Radio Transmission).

Learn more about our Better Landings Training.

Learn more about our advanced flight training options:

We aim to provide the highest possible standards of safety and professionalism