Advanced Flight Training

Learn to Fly Advanced Flying Techniques with one of Europe’s foremost Flight Safety Training Academies

Advanced Flying Training Courses with The Ultimate High Flight Training Academy

If you are:

  • An experienced pilot who requires refresher training
  • A recent PPL who wishes to extend their flying experience
  • A recreational or competition aerobatic pilot

...then let our advanced flight programmes accelerate your flying skills.  All of our instructors are friendly ex-military pilots, with thousands of hours of experience (both in and out of the military), and have been carefully selected to ensure they can successfully transfer their vast experience to you.

Learn to fly Aerobatics and watch your piloting skills soar

When you have a solid competence level in aerobatics it makes you an all-round better pilot.  We are one of only 3 schools in the UK recognised by the British Aerobatics Association as being an Aerobatic School of Excellence.

Our Aerobatic Rating course is available through ELCAS - the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC).  Go to their website and search for Aerobatic - we are provider 10824 Power Aerobatics Ltd (our registered company name).

Learn more about our aerobatics training.

Improve your flying skills to peak performance levels

Our specialist advanced flying training including Aerobatics, Formation, and UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training).

Increase your confidence and possibly save your own life or the lives of others, when you can calmly recover from an inadvertent stall, unusual position or spin

Ultimate High specialises in exploring the whole of the flight envelope using scenario based training to help you better understand where you may get into trouble in the real world; it may just save your life.

Learn more about our stall and spin training.

Become a better aircraft commander

Your PPL training will have taught you how to operate an aeroplane to a rudimentary skill level.  Our experienced instructors will help you to develop your captaincy, airmanship, decision making under pressure and ability to deal with emergencies. 

Learn more about our advanced PPL training.

All of our Instructors are friendly ex-military pilots, with thousands of hours of experience, both in and out of the military. All Ultimate High pilots have been carefully selected in order to ensure that they can successfully transfer their military experience to civilian pilots.

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We aim to provide the highest possible standards of safety and professionalism