Competition Aerobatics Training

Competition is the ultimate arena in which to hone your skills at precision aerobatics.  It is both mentally and physically challenging, and very much a test of the pilot rather than the machine.  As such the lower levels of competition are designed to be flown with aircraft such as the Cessna Aerobat; exotic aerobatic machinery is not a requirement at the entry levels for competition.

Competition Proficiency Course (Standard Level)

Ultimate High's Competition Proficiency Course aims to complement the AOPA Basic and Standard courses and to provide the student with training specifically orientated to the structure and discipline of the competition environment.  The AOPA courses are NOT prerequisites and this course will be tailored to the student's prior level of experience.

Flying objectives:  To confidently plan and fly the Standard level known and unknown sequences and to achieve a BAeA Proficiency "sign-off"

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction:  5 hours (approx):

  •     Competition rules
  •     Code of conduct
  •     The performance zone
  •     Judging criteria
  •     Sequence construction
  •     Sequence preparation

The instructional hours above are estimates which assume the student has completed the AOPA Standard level course or is at an equivalent level.  The course will be tailored to the student's prior experience and ability.  Accordingly, the flying objectives cannot be guaranteed within the hours stated.

Competition Coaching (Intermediate Level & above)

Competition coaching can be provided in the Extra300 for students on an ad-hoc basis in order to:

  • Improve competition technique
  • Learn new manoeuvres required at Intermediate levels and above (eg positive and negative flick rolls,               tailslides, rolling circles, negative spins)
  • Achieve BAeA "sign-off" at Intermediate level and above