UPRT Upset Recovery Training

Professional Pilots - please check out our dedicated website UPRT.CO.UK for detailed information


We deliver Upset Prevention and Recovery programmes (UPRT) across all aviation sectors

including FCL.745.A (Advanced UPRT) and FCL.915(e) (Instructor UPRT).  

If you are a professional pilot, please refer to our dedicated website UPRT.CO.UK which gives full details of the programmes we offer for ATPLs, TRIs/TREs, Business Jet pilots, ATOs etc.  These coursers are also available through ELCAS - the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC).  Go to their website and search for UPRT - we are provider 10824 Power Aerobatics Ltd (our registered name).

UPRT for General Aviation (GA) Pilots at Goodwood

Our General Aviation (GA) UPRT training will make you much better prepared to avoid, recognise and recover from flight upsets.  Your confidence will also be much improved. 

The most common feedback we get from pilots that fly UPRT with us is:
"this is the most valuable and useful training I have ever done - it should be compulsory for all pilots".

​Many GA pilots have little experience of flight outside the cruising performance envelope and are therefore most at risk of both not being able to avoid a flight upset in the first instance and may be poorly equipped to deal with loss of control in flight.

We offer a full day (2 flight) comprehensive course or a half day (1 flight) introduction to UPRT (which can also be used for your SEP Revalidation hour with an instructor). Please scroll down for prices.

October 2019 saw our GA UPRT Programme featured in both FLYER and PILOT magazines.  To see the FLYER video, please click here.

General Aviation Upset Prevention and Recovery Course Syllabus (2 flights)

​Loss of Control in Flight (LOC-I) is the single largest cause of accidents and fatalities in General Aviation - in most cases the aircraft was still flyable.

  • Whilst commercial pilots normally have the training and currency levels to (mostly) ensure that they avoid flight upsets, most GA pilots are far less current and therefore the need for efficient UPRT is greater.
  • We train using the same procedures as commercial pilots.
  • You will learn both preventative techniques and recovery skills.
  • Tailored one-to-one training by highly skilled instructors.
  • Gentle flights - G-forces only from 0.5G to 2.5G - no aerobatics or spinning.

Academic Training

  • UPRT Philosophy – The mantra of Avoid, Recognise, Recover
  • Criticality of academic/practical knowledge, especially AoA
  • Understanding what a Flight Upset is and isn’t
  • How to AVOID Flight Upsets – causes, awareness, TEM, automation mode confusion
  • How to RECOGNISE Flight Upsets – understanding what ‘normal’ looks like, and why pilots lose SA
  • How to RECOVER from Flight Upsets – Recovery strategies
  • Review of counter-intuitive recovery actions and associated challenges
  • Managing Startle and Fear – the biggest challenge of all
  • Simplifying Flight Upset Recovery – KISS.
  • Developing resilience – building layers of UPRT protection and the UH Coping Funnel

On Aircraft Training

•    Steep and Maximum Rate Turns
•    Slow Flight at Vs1g – level turns; turning and climbing/descending
•    Stalling - Clean, power On and Off
                  - Accelerated
                  - Go-arounds
•    Upset Recovery
                  - Nose High / Wings level and banked, high & low speed
                  - Nose Low / Wings level and banked, high & low speed
                  - High Bank angle / Overbank
                  - From manoeuvre and Ballistic (vertical)
                  - Trim runaways
•    Spin
                  - Incipient
                  - Spiral Dive
•    Wake Turbulence Recoveries
•    Human Factors - Situational Awareness
                   - Startle & Stress Response
                   - Threat & Error Management
                   - Crew Resource Management in the GA environment

Our 1 day course includes 2 flights (1 hour 50 flying time) in the T67M260 Slingsby Firefly and 2-3 hours of ground school - price £895. 

We also offer a half day (1 flight of 1 hour) introduction to GA UPRT which is £425 and can be used as your 1 hour SEP Revalidation flight with an instructor

Please contact us for availability.