Flying Experience Days in Goodwood UK

Ultimate Flying Experience

You fly the aeroplane, you feel the g-force, you get the thrill! Experience the UK’s No.1 adrenaline experience.

Experience Flying with a fighter pilot
Experience Top Gun Air Combat
Experience High Adrenaline Flights for Nutters

Fly with a Fighter Pilot

Fly aerobatics and air combat manoeuvres with a Fighter Pilot who has done it for real - then fly them yourself!

Top Gun Air Combat

Be a fighter pilot for the day. Experience real "Top Gun" style combat in the air – Choose your call-sign “Maverick”, “Iceman” etc. then take the controls and Fly Top Gun yourself! Chase and lock-on the bandit and shoot him down!  Yeehah, Jester's dead!

Utter Nutter Flight

Madness In the Sky!  Only for the most extreme individuals on the planet! Flying with a top air display pilot, you will experience the massive forces of THE BIG FIVE EXTREME MANOEUVRES

Prices start from £345

Prices start from £595

Prices start from £595

Experience Ultimate Aerobatic Flying
Experience Flights for Couples
Experience Air Combat Flying Days

Ultimate Aerobatics

Experience the adrenaline rush of aerobatic flight in the world's top stunt plane, the Extra 300! Can you handle more G-force than The Stig?

Love is in the Air

What better way for two people to enjoy a trip over the beautiful Sussex countryside than to see it from the sky - in formation with another aircraft?

Space Flight Experience

Feel the launch pad acceleration (3G).  Marvel at being weightless with zero gravity (Zero G). Then experience the deceleration of Earth’s atmosphere on re-entry (4.5G).

Prices start from £475

Prices start from £950 for 2 people only

Prices start from £345