Full Unboxing of the new OnePlus Nord CE Mobile Phone by Mr Whose the Boss

The Influencer Arun Maini, who is known as the UKs largest tech YouTuber (with 7.5 million followers) tests the latest smartphone in a flight with Greeners – with hilarious results!

Guy Martin's Battle of Britain – Air Combat!

Trying to bring your guns to bear on the bandit is challenging but can be flown in real life by non-pilots as Guy Martin demonstrates here.


Guy Martin's Battle of Britain – The Hunter becomes The Hunted!

With the enemy behind you, pilots have to manoeuvre hard to avoid getting shot down, as shown here.


Deadly Dinosaurs with Steve Backshall - "Kings of the Sky"

Steve discovers just what it takes to be a terror from the skies - and believe us, it's a wild ride! He goes green - literally - as he hitches a ride with Greeners in our Extra 300 stunt plane.


Strictly Come Dancing flies Top Gun!

For the "movie week" episode Charlotte Hawkins and Brendan Cole danced to “Danger Zone” from Top Gun. To get them 'into the zone' we flew them on a Top Gun Air Combat mission!

Ultimate High on How to be Epic at Everything

Another TV appearance from Ultimate High - this time talking through the basics of flying a loop!

Ultimate High helps Guy Martin train for a world record

Motorcycle legend and "Speed" presenter Guy Martin broke the world speed record for riding around a vertical "Wall of Death".   This video shows Guy preparing for the high G-forces that he incurred during this incredible challenge.


Gadget Show High Adrenaline Flying Experience

Gadget show votes Ultimate High the UK’s top adventure experience

Matt Littler & Darren Jon-Jeffries from Hollyoaks  were challenged by Ortis Deley to try out the UK's most exciting experiences.  The highlight of the programme was them taking on the challenge of flying Top Gun air combat and aerobatics in Ultimate  High's former military T67 Firefly aircraft, which they voted the UK's top adventure experience.

Watch the programme to see how they coped with the g-force and what they felt about flying aerobatics manoeuvres themselves.  The programme can be found on the Channel 5 website - footage of Ultimate High starts from 29 minutes 45 seconds.


ITV Daybreak presenter flies with Ultimate High

Daredevil Gavin Ramjaun flew with Greeners in the Extra 300 in July, describing it as the most extreme thing he had ever done. The footage can be found on the ITV website.


Fifth Gear – Channel 5 TV

Ultimate High filmed with FIVE TV's Fifth Gear to help their presenter Steve Truglia train for a car stunt. Steve performed some stunning aerobatics in the Extra300 to help build up his 'G' stamina.


Reggie Yates flies a plane!

Top DJ and TV presenter Reggie Yates flew the Extra300 to experience first hand the thrills of the world's top performing 2-seat competition aerobatic aeroplane.


Mazda Cinema Advertisement

First shown on a 10- metre screen at the Motor Show, this fantastic video shows cars and aeroplanes fighting it out to see who can make the biggest impact.


Air Combat Test - First Light BBC

A "taster" for the BBC 2 series based on the best-selling book "First Light" by Geoffrey Wellum, which is an honest account of a young man's experience as a Spitfire pilot in WWII.  Seriously stunning footage that puts you in with the fighter pilots during a high G turning dogfight.  Watch the pilots strain to maintain visual contact as they push their aeroplanes to the limit.  Definitely one of the best videos on our site!


Aerobatics Blue Peter BBC1

Ultimate High's mission to promote the World Aerobatics Championships gathered pace as Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere took to the skies with Greeners to learn how to fly competition aerobatics. British Team Member Gerald Cooper joined UH for the day flying his CAP 232 through a truly outstanding performance of high precision and freestyle aerobatics (respect).


The Indestructibles Stunt Flying BBC1

Ultimate High has flown thousands of students and guests and has never had anybody accidentally suffer from G-LOC (G induced Loss of Consciousness).  The Indestructibles decided to test their stunt man's reactions to extreme G.  Watch what happens..........


THINGS TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE - Australia's Network 9

The UK episode of "Things To Try Before You Die" was telecast on Channel 9 Australia. The programme is an Australian travel show and each episode focused on a particular country and counted down the top 30 things that one 'must try'.

"Go for an Aerobatic flight in Gloucestershire" was voted the top "thing" to do in the UK and we have flown many more Australians since the show aired!


Coast BBC1 – WW2 Fighter Pilot

Ultimate High features in Series 5 Programme 4 of Coast - Gower to Anglesey - Presenter Neil Oliver discovered what it was really like to a WWII fighter pilot after ultimate High pilot Chris Hadlow took him up in our Extra300


Don't Die Young BBC1 Flying Experience

Popular TV presenter Dr Alice Young wanted to see what impact flying a high-performance aerobatic aeroplane would have on her heart rate.  Watch to see what happens as she experiences high G turns and see how her body indicates through her eyes the reduction in blood pressure in the upper half of her body.  Now used as a GCSE teaching video in many schools!


How to Live with Women - BBC3

An Airbus Captain by day and an aerobatics instructor in her spare time, Mags is a classic example of a strong, successful woman.  See what happens when she is asked to spend time with a young man who believes a woman's place is in the kitchen....


King For A Day - Flying Experience

Alan was given the opportunity to be King for a Day and is treated to a Top Gun mission with UH.  His verdict?  "Best thing I've ever done". 


Samsung GALAXY S - Extreme Unboxing Stunt Flight

Matt Brian from Thenextweb.com unboxes the new Samsung Galaxy S II airborne in Ultimate High's Extra300.


Lab Rats BBC3 Extreme Flying

Lab Rates Mike and Zeron are competing to fly in an F16, and to test their aptitude to operate in a high G environment, they fly an exhausting sortie with Ultimate High. See how they deal with the onset of high G.







Working Lunch - BBC2 Management Training

Ultimate High's Management Training featured on BBC's "Working Lunch".  The overlap between a high pressure commercial environment and a fighter pilot operating his combat aircraft is actually very strong.  UH use the Enhanced Fighter Pilot Mission Cycle of "plan-brief-execute-debrief" with an overlay of substantial commercial experience, to assist delegates in learning high performance behaviours that they can successfully apply in the workplace.