Enhance your Piloting Skills

Tailored one-to-one training to improve your flying skills in a number of key areas...

Ultimate High Wings

Enhanced Piloting Skills - UPRT, Emergencies, Better Landings, Improved General Handling, Aerobatics

We offer a range of training tailored to you - with the prime aim of promoting safety, increasing your confidence and enhancing your piloting skills. 

These can be booked as one-off flights which can be used to revalidate your SEP (1 hour with an instructor required every 2 years), or can be combined into several flights/days.  These include:

  • UPRT - Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • Emergencies - decision-making under pressure (more info below)
  • Better Landings - stabilised approaches and circuit discipline, including RT (more info below)
  • Improve your General Handling Skills / Introduction to Aerobatics

All training is one-to-one and tailored to you, so that you get the maximum benefit of your time with our instructor.

You will learn from very high quality instruction from our experienced instructor pilots who have worked in the GA, Military and Commercial world for many years.

You will be flying in high performance aircraft, the T67M260 Slingsby Firefly and free air space close to Goodwood, which means that you will get maximum benefit from your time in the air.

Each of the categories above can be flown as 1 or 2 flights.  Before you fly, your instructor will spend time with you to establish what you want to ensure that you get the training you require.

Availability: Flights are generally available Monday-Thursday inclusive.

Prices: 1 flight £399, 2 flights £795, 4 flights £1,590.  Prices are all inclusive (other than touch & goes which are at additional cost, if required).

Emergencies: Decision Making under Pressure - TEM and the "Capacity Bucket"

Learn "coping" strategies so you maintain situational awareness ("SA") and capacity.  Understand the "Capacity Bucket" and utilise "TEM" (Threat & Error Management) to good effect.  Our experienced instructors will tailor the training to help you to develop your captaincy, airmanship, decision making under pressure and ability to deal with emergencies.

Flight includes:

  • EFATOs,
  • Emergencies - fuel starvation, fuel leak, stuck throttle, engine mechanical failure & fire
  • Electrical problems, instrument failure, birdstrike, passenger illness.
  • Engine restart.
  • Emergency checks (IAs) from memory. 

Better Landings - Stabilised Approaches & Circuit Discipline, including RT

"Good Approach, Good Landing" - old, but true.  Learn how to fly a stabilised approach, refresh circuit pattern flying and joining procedures, improve your RT (Radio Transmission). 

Flight includes:

  • Stabilised approach
  • Circuit references that work for all airfields
  • Circuits - Flapless, Glide, Low Level
  • Joins - overhead, downwind, base leg (L or R), crosswind
  • Landing smoothly.  Crosswind landings.  Sideslipping. Short field.
  • Loss of R/T TX and circuits
  • Different ways to fly the PFL
  • High Key/Low Key positioning approach
  • Constant Sight Line angle
  • Adjusting the pattern for wind
  • PFLs from lower heights.

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