Advanced PPL Training

PPL Graduates can benefit from improving your skills in a number of key areas...

Ultimate High Wings

Advanced PPL Training - Ultimate High "Basic Wings"

The basic PPL clears new pilots to captain an aeroplane with passengers only at the most rudimentary level of skill.  Many PPL graduates feel they would benefit from improving their skills in a number of key areas, primarily:

  • Captaincy
  • Airmanship
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • Operating at the boundaries of the flight envelope
  • Navigation through controlled airspace
  • The ability to deal with individual and/or multiple emergencies

We have introduced Ultimate High's Advanced PPL training specifically as a result of the demand for our experienced instructor pilots to provide this training. Merging the best features of military and civilian training, the APPL graduates will have improved airborne awareness and superior decision making skills.

Flying is tailored to your requirements and can include any or all of the following:

- Improved General Handling skills - Max rate Level Turns, Max Rate Possible Turns, Emergency Breaks
- Stalling revision and advanced stalling
- Flight in and through controlled airspace
- Emergencies - Concentrated practice on PFLs and EFATOs, fuel, stuck throttle, engine mechanical failure & fire etc
- Circuits and landings - making them better
- Introduction to Aerobatics
- Variable Pitch Propeller Differences Training & signoff (if required)
- End of course test for Ultimate High "Wings" (optional - at additional cost)

Flying is available by the hour, or as a 5 or 10 hour course as required. This includes up to 1.5 hours of ground briefing (pre- and post-flight) per flying hour - eg our 10 hour course includes 15 hours of ground training.

Our 10 Hour Advanced PPL Course can also be combined with the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate/EASA Aerobatic Rating - 15 hours flying time, 20 hours ground training (NB the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Course is normally 8 hours of flying time, so the combined course saves 3 hours).

The detailed Advanced PPL Syllabus is available on request.  The course takes place in the T67M260 Firefly.

Entry requirements for all courses: valid EASA/CAA PPL/NPPL and Class 2 medical.

Most students will have flown at least 20 hours since PPL/NPPL issue, but the course may be taken immediately after completion of a PPL or NPPL.

Availability: All courses normally start on a Monday and continue through Friday or into the following week.

Please refer to our price list for costs.

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