Aerobatics Training

Including the EASA Aerobatic Rating, AOPA Aerobatic Certificates (Basic, Standard & Intermediate Levels) & Competition Training

Ultimate High is one of only three aerobatics training "Schools of excellence" in the UK, as recommended by the British Aerobatics Association.  We offer tailored training by the hour in the T67 Firefly and Extra 300, and all the AOPA Aerobatic Certificate Courses (Basic, Standard and Intermediate), including the EASA Aerobatic Rating.

Please note that, in order to progress from one course level to another, considerable aerobatic consolidation practice is usually required in between - ie courses cannot be done straight after one another.  

Please refer to our price list for costs.

AOPA Aerobatic Certificate Courses - Basic, Standard & Intermediate

The AOPA Basic, Standard and Intermediate Aerobatic Certificates are the only recognised UK aerobatics courses.  AOPA and the British Aerobatics Association (BAeA) have designed the syllabus in order to encourage those pilots who wish to become proficient in the basic aerobatic manoeuvres to undertake training through a properly structured formal course.   

More details on the courses can be found via the links below.

AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate / EASA Aerobatic Rating

Successful completion of this course will enable the applicant to obtain the recognised AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate as well as the EASA Aerobatic Rating (AR). The manoeuvres learnt in this course will enable the student to take part in the Beginners' events organised by the BAeA, should they wish.  The course is taught in the T67M260 Firefly and is 8 hours of flying (at least 5 hours of aerobatics), including 8 hours of ground instruction and around 10-12 sorties, along with a test at the end of the course (at additional cost).  It normally takes 5 days, weather permitting, with courses usually starting on a Monday and continuing through to Friday.  The course can be combined with our Advanced PPL (normally 10 hours) for a reduced total of 15 hours...more details

AOPA Standard Aerobatic Certificate

The AOPA Standard Course ensures that students are capable of entering the next level of BAeA competition, which is the Standard Level.  The course is 6 hours of flying and a minimum of 6 hours of ground training and normally takes 3-4 days. Candidates should have completed the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate or be at an equivalent standard before applying for this course.  This course takes place in the T67 Firefly, although it is also possible to do part of the course in the Extra 300, if arranged in advance....more details

AOPA Intermediate Aerobatic Certificate

This course ensures that students are capable of entering the next level of BAeA competition, which is the Intermediate Level.  The course is around 8 hours of flying (time may vary according to student ability) and a minimum of 6 hours of ground training (3 hours of briefing and 3 hours of self-study).  The course is flown in a combination of the T67M260 and the Extra 300 and is around 12 sorties, usually 2 a day, weather permitting. For students to be eligible for this course, we would expect them to have at least 30 hours of aerobatic experience....more details

More info:

  • All courses normally start on a Monday.  Due to busy schedules and the considerable amount of ground briefing, we are generally unable to start new courses on other days.
  • Upon completion of the course, students are required to have their competence assessed in the air by an AOPA registered instructor;  it should be noted that this test flight is additional to the time required for the course.  When the test has satisfactorily been completed, it should be sent off to AOPA (accompanied by a small fee), who will then issue a certificate.
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