SEP Revalidation 

Your SEP Rating needs to be revalidated every 2 years, Ultimate High can help...

SEP Revalidation with Ultimate High

Your SEP Rating needs to be revalidated every 2 years.  As long as you have done 12 hours of SEP flying (12 take-offs and landings) during the last 12 months of your SEP (of which a minimum of 6 hours was as pilot in command), you just need a signed off 1 hour dual flight with an instructor at some point in those 12 months.

Why don't you enhance your piloting skills and incorporate UPRT, Better Landings, Emergencies or Aerobatics into your flight? 

The price is £399 all inclusive for a 1 hour flight in the T67M260 Slingsby Firefly and instructor signoff of your SEP. This flight will be tailored to you by our highly skilled and experienced instructors.

See here for more details on the range of  hour flight profiles that we offer.  

SEP Renewal

If your SEP has expired, or you do not have the flying experience above, you will need to do a Proficiency Check with an Examiner in an aircraft that you are solo competent.  This is not normally something that is done with us as it will require a conversion to our aircraft, the T67M260 (unless you have previous experience on type). 

The proficiency check itself is a flight test of your general handling skills and is normally around 1 hour.  It can be taken up to 3 months before your SEP expiry date (if it has not expired). 

Chris Kingswood is our FIE (A) and FE(A), and can conduct the following assessments / tests in our T67M260:

  • SEP Renewal - LPC (Licence Proficiency Check / Skill Test)
  • FI Revalidation / AOC (Assessment of Competence)
  • FI Removal of Aerobatics Restriction
  • FI Spin

Please enquire for pricing.


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