Stall & Spin Training

Recommended for all pilots - our 1 day (2 flights) training will help you become confident in recognising the onset of Stalls or Incipient Spins and learn how to deal with them.

PPLs / CPLs / ATPLs / GA & Commercial Aviators - improve your confidence and competence with the Ultimate High Stall & Spin Training package

This course consists of 2 flights in the robust T67M260 Slingsby Firefly and/or the dynamic Extra 300L, and thorough flight briefings and debriefings.

You will learn the correct recovery actions for stalling, incipient spin, full spin, spiral dive and most upset conditions. 

We will improve your confidence in handling an aircraft at the edge of the flight envelope and beyond.

Individually tailored to your needs/requirements.

This Full Day course usually starts at around 9.30am and includes the following*:

  • Comprehensive Pre-flight Theory/Briefing: includes unusual position recovery actions and aerodynamics (45 minutes).
  • Flight 1*:  T67 Firefly: 45 minutes, or Extra300: 30 minutes
  • Post-flight Debriefing (approx 20 minutes)
  • Short break
  • Pre-flight Briefing (30 minutes)
  • Flight 2*: T67 Firefly: 45 minutes, or Extra300: 30 minutes
  • Post-flight Debriefing
  • Certificate of Completion

* Please note that briefing/debriefing and flying times are approximate, and will vary according to weather conditions, student progress etc.  The above times are likely to be a MINIMUM on the day.


T67 only (2 sorties) - £695
T67 & Extra 300L (1 sortie in each) - £795

Sortie 1

  • Slow flight / high Angle of Attack
  • Unusual Position (UP) Recovery Review - nose high, nose low, ballistic
  • Stalling demo & practice

Sortie 2

  • Advanced Stalling - demo & practice
  • Incipient Spin - demo & practice
  • Full spin - demo & practice
  • Extra 300 aircraft only: Inadvertent Spin Entries
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