Fly With A Fighter Pilot Experience Day

Fly with a Fighter Pilot

Fly with a fighter pilot in an ex-military training aircraft and fly the aerobatic manoeuvres yourself!

45% Insane

Flying with your ex-military instructor you will learn how to fly like a fighter pilot in the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft. You start by flying a variety of aerobatic figures (taking the controls yourself!), starting off with gentle loops and rolls.  Other manoeuvres can include a loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, vertical roll, Derry turn etc. You choose how far to push the boundaries and the flight is tailored to you; the trip is as wild, or mild, as you choose!

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Overview You should expect to be with us for 2-3 hours
Welcome You will be kitted out in a high quality military flying suit.
Briefing You will be taught how to fly aerobatics (yourself!), and be given a detailed safety brief.
At Aircraft Cockpit Controls and Safety Brief.
  • Take-off and get to know the aeroplane: introduction to effects of controls - turning, climbing, descending
  • Aerobatics - beginner and intermediate manoeuvres - demonstrated by instructor
  • Student flies aerobatic manoeuvres: loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, derry turn etc.
  • Instructor talks through Return to Base
  • Time in the aircraft is around 40 minutes (25 minutes in the air)
Debrief Debrief with your instructor, including amount of g pulled and flight certificate. Opportunity to purchase a video of your flight.