Formation Aerobatics

Experience the precision skills required to fly aerobatics in close formation with the aircraft just a few feet apart...

40% Insane

This is an amazing opportunity for two people with no flying training to take to the skies in two aircraft, with an experienced ex-Red Arrow or military instructor each, and delight in flying formation aerobatics in an aeroplane just a few feet away!  Aerobatic manoeuvres flown will include a formation wingover, barrel roll and loop (and tailchase if required).

You'll be able to watch and wave at each other as you first take your turn on the flying controls (at a very safe distance, of course!) and pilot the aeroplane around the sky. You'll even be able to speak to each other - and maybe there might be an important question that needs to be asked? 

Formation aerobatics is an extremely specialised skill flown by our highly experienced instructor pilots.  The experience includes a full safety briefing, flying briefing, use of all specialist kit (flight suits, headsets, parachutes), and a flight for each person in a T67 Firefly aircraft. The aircraft will depart and return to the airport at the same time, and instructors will demonstrate close formation before giving you the opportunity to learn to fly the aircraft around the local area and then experience first hand what it's like to be part of a two-ship air display time flying close formation aerobatics.

The entire experience will last about three hours, with approximately 40 minutes in the aircraft.   Available Monday-Thursday only at 10.30am or 1.00pm.

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