Top Gun Air Combat Flying Experience

Top Gun Combat Mission

Fly Real Top Gun Aerobatics and Air Combat Manoeuvres.
Do you feel the need - the need for speed?

Fly Air Combat and Aerobatics with your opponent aircraft - yourself! Your ex-military flying instructor will demonstrate a formation take-off and close formation flying in the T67 Firefly aircraft. Flying close to another aircraft, you fly some aerobatic manoeuvres to acclimatise you to the g-force, and then you will be introduced to tailchasing and air combat against your opponent. 

Manoeuvre your aeroplane to get on the bad guy’s tail. Once you’re in a firing position, squeeze the trigger - “GUNS GUNS GUNS!!”. If you’re successful in shooting down the bandit, then it’s an obligatory cheer of “Yeehah, Jester’s dead” and back to the airfield for a flyby of the tower – assuming, of course, that the pattern is not full...!

This is not a simulator and is not available anywhere else in the UK!

Overview You should allow to be with us for 2-3 hours
Welcome You and your opponent(s) will be kitted out in military flying suits. You then choose your call-sign name badge ("Maverick", "Iceman" etc) for the day.
Briefing You will be taught how to fly aerobatics and air combat manoeuvres. The briefing includes a detailed safety/parachute brief.
Ready to Walk You are matched into Top Gun "pairs" with your "opponent" guest and are introduced to your ex-military instructor pilot.
At Aircraft Strap on parachute. Cockpit Controls and Safety Brief.  You sit side-by-side with your instructor.
  • Formation take-off (2 aircraft)
  • Formation close manoeuvrering in the climb
  • Learn effects of aircraft controls and aerobatics manoeuvres
  • Time for air combat against your opponent - shoot the bad guy!
  • Return to Base - fighter pilot rejoin to land.
  • Time in the aircraft is around 40 minutes (25 minutes in the air)
Exit Aircraft Exit aircraft and talk about how great you were!
Debrief Debrief with your instructor, including amount of g pulled, review of air combat results and flight certificate. Opportunity to purchase a video of your flight.