Top Gun Air Combat Flying Experience

Top Gun Combat Mission

Fly Real Top Gun Aerobatics and Air Combat Manoeuvres.
Do you feel the need - the need for speed?

Fly Air Combat and Aerobatics with your opponent aircraft - yourself! Your ex-military flying instructor will demonstrate a formation take-off and close formation flying in the T67 Firefly aircraft. Flying close to another aircraft, you fly some aerobatic manoeuvres to acclimatise you to the g-force, and then you will be introduced to tailchasing and air combat against your opponent. 

Manoeuvre your aeroplane to get on the bad guy’s tail. Once you’re in a firing position, squeeze the trigger - “GUNS GUNS GUNS!!”. If you’re successful in shooting down the bandit, then it’s an obligatory cheer of “Yeehah, Jester’s dead” and back to the airfield for a flyby of the tower – assuming, of course, that the pattern is not full...!

This is not a simulator and is not available anywhere else in the UK!

Welcome You and your opponent(s) will be kitted out in military flying suits. You then choose your call-sign name badge ("Maverick", "Iceman" etc) for the day.
Briefing You will be taught how to fly aerobatics and air combat manoeuvres. The briefing includes a detailed safety/parachute brief.
Ready to Walk You are matched into Top Gun "pairs" with your "opponent" guest and are introduced to your ex-military instructor pilot.
At Aircraft Strap on parachute. Cockpit Controls and Safety Brief.  You sit side-by-side with your instructor.
  • Formation take-off (2 aircraft)
  • Formation close manoeuvrering in the climb
  • Learn effects of aircraft controls and aerobatics manoeuvres
  • Time for air combat against your opponent - shoot the bad guy!
  • Return to Base - fighter pilot rejoin to land.
Exit Aircraft Exit aircraft and talk about how great you were!
Debrief Debrief with your instructor, including amount of g pulled, review of air combat results and flight certificate. Opportunity to purchase a video of your flight.