What does a zero gravity experience in the UK feel like?

by | Apr 23, 2024

Ever wondered what it feels like to venture into space? At Ultimate High, you don’t need to travel to the USA or spend a fortune to discover the thrill of space travel with a zero gravity experience.

Our “Space Flight” experience, delivered right here in the UK, simulates the breathtaking phases of a space mission, from the intense launch pad acceleration to the surreal sensation of weightlessness and the dramatic deceleration upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Strap in for an out-of-this-world adventure

The “Space Flight” experience at Ultimate High is not just a ride; it’s an immersive journey. Feel the surge of 3G forces as the T67 Firefly, an ex-military training aircraft, mimics the powerful thrust of a spacecraft launch. 

As the aircraft ascends, your ex-military instructor will guide you through the sensations experienced by astronauts, providing a first-hand understanding of the physical forces involved in space travel.

Marvel at the sensation of a zero gravity experience

One of the highlights of the flight is the zero gravity segment. Under Zero G conditions, you will experience the true feeling of weightlessness. Strapped securely in your seat, you will feel yourself gently rising, floating free from your seat. 

This unique sensation is demonstrated vividly as items like a toy astronaut or a foam ball float effortlessly around the cabin, visually capturing the absence of gravitational pull.

During the flight, you can experience this feeling of weightlessness multiple times, each lasting about 5 seconds. This repeated exposure allows you to truly understand and enjoy the sensation, making it more than just a fleeting moment.

Experience the re-entry phase

As thrilling as the ascent and weightlessness are, the re-entry phase introduces a new level of excitement. Feel an intense 4.5G force as the aircraft simulates the spacecraft’s deceleration through Earth’s atmosphere. 

This part of the flight replicates the astronauts’ return journey, providing a brilliant insight into the dynamics of space travel.

Fly side-by-side with expert pilots

In the T67 Firefly, you sit side-by-side with your instructor, not only witnessing but also controlling some of the flight elements under expert supervision.

Our ex-military instructors are not just pilots; they are experienced aviators and educators who enhance your flight with insights into the physics of each manoeuvre.

This unique configuration allows for an interactive experience, where you’re not just a passenger but an active participant in your own space adventure. 

It’s a powerful, educational, and exhilarating way to understand and experience the forces that astronauts train for years to handle.

Why choose Ultimate High for your zero gravity experience?

Choosing Ultimate High for your zero gravity experience means opting for an adventure that combines safety, expertise and the thrill of flying. Our pilots are seasoned aviators with backgrounds in military flying, ensuring that each manoeuvre is executed with precision and safety. 

Our 100% safety record speaks volumes about our commitment to providing safe and exhilarating experiences.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, aspiring astronaut, or thrill-seeker, the “Space Flight” experience at Ultimate High offers an unparalleled adventure that simulates space travel in an accessible and exciting way. 

Get ready to defy gravity, feel the power of a launch, and float in zero gravity—all without leaving the UK.

Embark on a journey that defies gravity and elevates your spirit. Join us in the skies and feel what it’s truly like to be weightless. 

Are you ready to reach new heights and explore the frontier of space from right here in the UK? Join Ultimate High for an unforgettable space flight experience.

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Neil Jones Pilot
Neil started his flying career flying Sea King helicopters with the Fleet Air Arm, which included a tour in the Falklands. He then moved onto the Sea Harrier, based on the Ark Royal, and also flew the Hunter and instructed on Hawk aircraft whilst with the Navy. Neil was at Virgin for 24 years flying the Airbus A320, 330 & 340 and was also a Training Captain. ‘Jonesy’ is one of Ultimate High’s most experienced Flight Experience and Safety pilots and particularly enjoys flying extreme aerobatics in the Extra 300.